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STAGING CONSULTATION- During our visit to the property, we take note of any cosmetic updates that may be required.  A report of the suggested changes will be provided to the sellers to help them prepare the property for sale.  Some examples of recommended updates may include:

  • Cosmetic changes such as touch-ups, wall colour, light fixtures, window treatment, etc.   

  • Furniture placement of existing furniture to maximize space and flow of each room.


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OCCUPIED STAGING- We may work with the homeowner’s existing furniture pieces, or we may replace them with pieces that better represent the preference of the property’s buying demographics.  On staging day, we may rearrange the existing furniture, and bring in additional pieces and accessories that are on-trend and suitable for the property to unify the space.  

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VACANT STAGING- Vacant properties are uninviting and give the impression that the seller is desperate to sell.  This may result in “low ball offers”, which are a waste of time and effort for all parties involved.  Staging vacant properties allows buyers to see the potential uses of the space.  We create a lifestyle that is catered to the property’s buying demographics by using relevant furniture pieces and accessories.  On staging day, all furniture pieces and accessories would be installed to make the property welcoming and picture perfect.